i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Archiving reports


The Reports that are no longer used can be archived in order to reduce the list of Reports. Learn more about the Reports archiving functionality.

The i4connected reporting system provides an archive functionality, to the users fulfilling the following prequisites:

  • The Report archive permission needs to be enabled for a Role to which the archiver is assigned.

  • The setting Report archiving needs to be enabled at level of the User profile


    The Report archiving setting at level of User profile

Just as in case of report scheduling, a user can only archive own Reports. Adding reports to an archive can be done in the Report Schedule panel, following the steps described in the previous article but using the Save and Archive option. The Save and Archive button will only be visible to users having the Report archive permission enabled.


The Save and Archive function

The user can send to an archive both new schedules and existing ones. The list of archived reports can be found in the Report archive panel, accessible by clicking the tile with the same name. The Report archive panel will be populated with the archived reports only for the users having the Report archive permission enabled.


The Report archive panel

The Report archive panel features the following options:

  • Refresh toolbar button - allows the user to refresh the listed items.

  • Filter - allow the user to filter the listed items, by name.

  • Calendar button - allows the user to filter the listed items by date. By clicking the button the calendar view is expanded allowing the user to add calendaristic ranges, from a defined date to another.

  • View archived report - allows the user to open the archived reports in detailed view mode.

    By clicking on a listed item, the respective PDF of the archived report is opened in detailed view mode.


    In the view mode, the user can remove the archived report by clicking the Delete button. The Delete archived report panel is opened asking the user to type the deletion confirmation code.


    Delete archived report