i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Bar graph of Device states by Count and Duration


Check the distribution of your Device statuses through out a predefined time frame, using the Event Rankings dashboard.

The Event Rankings dashboard can help you display statistical data of the events engaged in your project, using one of the two common KPIs: Count and Duration.

To proceed with the statistical analysis the following parameters need to be set:

  1. Enter is Edit tile mode by clicking the top toolbar button.

  2. Select the edit option of the Annual load tile,

  3. Expand the Parameters selector under the Edit tile panel.

  4. Under the Parameters selector area proceed with the following settings:

    1. Click on the Change object filter parameters selector and chose the Device of interest.

    2. Click on the Select KPIs selector and chose the KPIs used by the chart to plot data.

    3. Set the chart Start and End dates.

  5. Make sure to preserve the changes by clicking the Save button of the Edit tile panel.

  6. Exist the Edit tile mode.

  7. Open the Annual load panel and start your production Analysis.