i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Bar graph of production per Device


Check out how to configure the Load profile graph in order to analyze the amout of produced parts, per machine.

The i4connected Load profile module helps you calculate and analyze various data series, obtained from an intersection between the chosen objects, the selected time range and the available KPIs.

This article guides describes the chart parameter settings required by the Load profile to generate data for our hypothetical hierarchical structure.

  1. Enter is Edit tile mode by clicking the top toolbar button.

  2. Select the edit option of the Load profile tile,

  3. Expand the Parameters selector under the Edit tile panel.

  4. Under the Default section of the Parameters selector panel proceed with the following settings:

    1. Select the desired KPI(s) used by the chart to plot data.

    2. Define further chart parameters, such as Start date, End date, Measure aggregation, Resolution, etc.

  5. Under the Advanced section of the Parameters selector panel proceed with the following settings:

    1. Click on the Change object filters parameters selector.

    2. In the Edit object filter patterns panel expand the Default options.

    3. Identify the Chose selected items selector and use it to apply your Device.

  6. Make sure to preserve the changes by clicking the Save button of the Edit tile panel.

  7. Exist the Edit tile mode.

  8. Open the Load profile panel and start your production Analysis.