i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Configuring the Analysis Cube


Check out this article and learn more details on how to process the i4connected Analysis Cube using the xmla script directly in the SQL Management Studio.

Please follow these steps in order to process the Analysis Cube for the i4connected application:

  1. Connect to the Analysis Services with Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

  2. Right-click the Analysis Database node and select the Process option.

  3. Depending on the Database Server edition, use the CreateCube_Enterprise.xmla or the CreateCube_Standard.xmla to create the Analysis Database.

  4. Click the Script button at the top of the window to create the xmla script which will process the database.


    Before executing the script, adapt the names of the database in the XMLA file.

  5. Grant the Windows Account User (in our case the "ServiceUser") with Administrator rights for the Analysis Database.

  6. Set up the connection string in the Analysis Services database to point to the SQL Database and give the correct credentials, as follows:

    1. Go to the Analysis Services database > Data Sources > Connection string.

    2. In the Data Source Properties, select the Connection String and press the browse (...) button to open the Connection Manager.

    3. In the Connection Manager window, test the connection by pressing the Test Connection button from the bottom-left corner. The Server name should be correct by default. Otherwise, type the correct server name.

      Best practice: use SQL Server Authentication in order to avoid security issues. This is not required but recommended.

  7. Confirm the dialog after the connection test succeeds.

  8. Click OK to proceed. You can safely minimise the window as the process will run in the background without affecting you work on the machine.

Automatic Processing

Check out this article in order to learn how to proceed with the Automatic Processing for the Standard SQL Server Version.

Please follow the below steps, if you are using the Standard SQL Server version:

  1. Connect to the SQL Database Server with the Microsoft SQL Management Studio application.

  2. Check if the SQL Server Agent setting is active. If it is not than activate it.

  3. Right-click the Jobs folder and select the New Job option.

  4. Navigate to the Steps section, click on the New... option and follow the below described steps:

    1. Enter a Step Name

    2. Set SQL Server Analysis Services Command as Type

    3. Copy the xmla script that was generated at the Processing the Analysis Cube section.

    4. Check if the SQL Server Agent Service Account is selected for the Run as property.

    5. Click the OK button to proceed.

  5. Navigate to the Schedules section and click the option New.. to set up a schedule to execute the process script.

  6. To finalise the Job click the OK button at the bottom of the window.


Go to Services and open the properties of the SQL Server Agent Service. Navigate to the Log On section, select the option This account and enter the credentials of the previously mentioned “ServiceUser” Account.

This step is needed to ensure that the Agent has sufficient rights to execute the script.