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The Consumption Analysis functionality portal displays the total consumption of a Customer's Site, Organizational Unit or Area, on a monthly basis.

This article describes the functionality and operation of the Consumption panels from the i4connected portal.

The Consumption analysis functionality of the i4connected portal displays the total consumption of a Customer's Sites, Organizational Units or Areas, on a monthly basis, with the ability to break down the consumption in the particular KPIs that compose it.

The Consumption tile is available in each media section of the portal and opens the Consumption panel.


The Consumption dashboard

The Consumption panel displays the current media consumption of the available object, split up in tiles presented as detailed cards providing information about the following aspects:

  • the consumed media type (with symbol, name and unit)

  • the current consumption (the consumption from the previous complete month). This value represents the aggregated measurements of the same media/KPI from all the Object children.

  • the difference between the current consumption in comparison with the previous month and the goal (the month before the previous month). If the goal has been achieved, the value is highlighted in green color. Otherwise, a red highlight is applied.

  • The time periods for which data is available.


Detailed consumption cards

The Consumption panel allows the user to organise the following operations:

  • Select the desired Time range - As the Consumption panel uses a tile-based layout, the available tiles display the consumption for a selected time period. The user can select the desired Time range, choosing from the following options:


    The Time range selectors

    • D - last day consumption

    • W - last week consumption

    • M - last month consumption

    • Y - last year consumption

    • S - last shift consumption (see article Shift Definition for more information about the shift schedules)

    Each tile (which is configured to do so) will display the time ranges when data exist. The KPIs that do not have data available for a particular time range, are greyed out in the tile's indicator.


    Time range indicators

  • Select the desired measurement group - The Consumption panel allows the user to select the measurement group using the Measurements group button Measure_Group_button.jpg. Selecting a different measurement group from the menu, the data reflected by the tiles will be automatically updated.


    The Measurement Group button

  • View consumption of the Objects's children - By clicking the Drill-down button Drill-Down_button.jpg the current Object panel is opened displaying the list of subordinated children along with their detailed consumption data.


    The Drill down panel

    The user can open drill-down panels for the Object's children until reaching the bottom of the hierarchy. Each drill-down level is opened in a similar panel that has the same properties as the main Consumption panel.

  • The toolbar provides the user with the possibility to open the Object's detailed view mode, in a separate panel, where further management operations can also be processed.


    The Objects detailed view mode


    For more details, regarding the Objects detailed view mode, please also visit the following articles: Sites Management, Organizational Units Management and Areas management.

The consumption chart

To open the detailed Consumption chart in a separate panel the user can click on the tiles. The displayed data depends on the measurement group and the time period preselected for the consumption data. By default, the chart displays the consumption of the first available KPI of the selected measurement group.


The Consumption chart

The toolbar of the Consumption chart provides the following options:

  • The Calendar button - opens the calendar menu which allows the user to select a different time range for displaying the consumption data.


    The Calendar button

    • The Time range options offer four predefined time span values: 2Y - the second previous year, 1Y - the previous year, 15W - the last 15 weeks and Current year.

    • The From and To time pickers allowing the user to manually select a time range.

  • The KPI selectors - automatically changes the chart data, breaking down the consumption to reflect the selected KPI.


    The KPI selectors

  • The Show Table button - toggles the display of data in a tabular format, below the chart.


    The Show table button

  • The Show labels button - toggles the display of the value labels in the chart.


    The Show labels button

  • The Export XLS button - exports the data displayed in the chart to an Excel format.


    The Export XLS button

The chart displays the data on a horizontal time axis, marking the months of the year. Vertically, the value axis is represented. Hovering the chart bars, a tooltip indicates the respective month and the consumption value of the KPI.


The chart bar tooltip

When clicking a chart column, the Consumption Breakdown panel is opened. This panel shows the total consumption, broken down in individual KPIs.


Opening the Breakdown Consumption panel

The Consumption Breakdown panel lists all the available KPIs, their individual consumption values and also provides the option to export the brokendown data, to an XLS file.


The Breakdown consumption panel


The individual KPI charts will be displayed for all the KPIs, regardless if consumption values exist or not.