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Customers management


This article describes the Customers Management functionality from the Admin section of the i4connected portal.

This article describes the Customers Management functionality from the Admin section of the i4connected portal.

The Customers Management functionality allows the user to manage the existing customers, edit them or add new customers using the streamlined interface of the i4connected portal. It can be accessed through the dedicated tile, available in the Admin section of the i4connected portal.


The Customers tile and panel

The Customers panel provides an overview of the existing i4connected customers. Intuitively named Customers this overview panel allows the execution of the following operations:

Viewing, filtering and refreshing the list of Customers

The Customers panel lists all the Customers to which the currently logged in administrator user has access to. In this view, the user is provided with a basic filtering mechanism, that allows search by Customer's name. By clicking the Reset filter button Reset_filter.jpg all the contents in the search field are removed and the filter is no longer applied.


Filtered list of Customers

To manually reload / update the list of Customers, the user can click the Refresh toolbar button.


The Refresh button

Adding a new customer

The system administrator can create a new Customer by clicking the Add toolbar button.


The Add Customer button

The Add customer panel features the following Customer settings (mandatory fields are marked with an asterix):

  • Standard information

    • Name* - The name of the Customer.

  • Logo - The Customer logo.

  • Photo - The Customer photo.

  • Address

    • Street

    • Postal Code

    • City

    • Country - country can be selected from the list of predefined values.

Viewing a Customer in detailed view mode

By clicking on a listed customer the detailed view mode panel is opened. In this view, the general information upon the selected Customer is displayed, as follows:

  • The Edit and Delete toolbar buttons

  • The Customer photo

  • The Customer general information, such as Name and full Address

  • The Customer's management area

The Users tile

The Customer's Users tile displays the amount of users assigned to to selected Customer.


Example of Customer's Users tile

Clicking this tile the Users panel is opened and displays all the users assigned to this Customer, allowing the user to filter or refresh the list view.


The Customer's Users panel

By choice, an Administrator user can remove or add users to the Customer, by clicking the Change toolbar button. This action opens the Select Users panel where the toolbar options allow one to Select All, Unselect All and Refresh the list view. The already assigned users can be easily distinguished due to the green highlight.


The Select Users panel

Clicking the Select bottom button will apply the selection and the Select Users panel will be closed. The list of Customer's Users will be immediately updated to reflect the latest changes.

The Organizational Units tile

The Organizational Units tile displayed in the Customer detailed view mode, reflects the total amount of Organizational Units, both assigned and inherited.


Example of Customer's Organizational Units tile

By clicking this tile the Organizational Units panel is opened. In this view the user can fully manage the


The Customer's Organizational Units panel

In this view, the user can fully manage the listed items as described in the Organizational Units Management article.

The Sites tile

The Sites tile displays the total amount of Sites assigned to the currently selected Customer.


Example of Customer's Sites tile

The Sites tile opens the panel with the same name, where all the assigned Sites are listed. The Sites panel offers the possibility to manage the listed items, as described in the Sites management article.

Editing a Customer

By selecting a Customer in detailed view mode and clicking the toolbar Edit button, opens the Edit customer panel.

In this view the user can change all the customer settings, as described under the section describing the Add customer function.


The Edit customer panel

To preserve the changes the user can press the Save button. In case the changes should not be kept the user can click the Close button.

Deleting a Customer

The system administrator can remove a customer by opening it in detailed view mode and clicking the Delete toolbar button. In the Delete customer panel the user is provided with information regarding the impact of the deletion operation.

To confirm deletion the provided code needs to be filled in and the button Delete to be selected.


The Delete customer panel

As soon as deletion is confirmed the Customer is removed from the list.