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Event Groups


The event group management consists a set of panels that allow administrators to view, edit and delete event groups. Check out more details here!

An Event Group is a hierarchical structure used to group the event definitions. As hierarchical entities, the event groups can be nested, allowing the user to create complex event structures to fit every particular project.

The Event Groups allow the user to organise the following operations:

Viewing, filtering and refreshing the Event Groups list

The dedicated Event Groups tile, available in the Admin section of the Portal, opens the Event Groups panel.


The Event Groups tile and panel

All the existing Event Groups are listed in the panel's central area, displaying the Event Group's definition elements: Name and Color. In this view the user can either select a specific Event Group in detailed edit mode edit_button_EvGr.jpg or open the list of Event Groups assigned to it open_EvGr.jpg.


The Event Group card

The Event Groups panel filtering mechanism helps the user to pinpoint the desired Event Group, by searching for the entity name. Clicking the Reset filter button Reset_filter.jpg all the contents in the search field are removed and the filter is removed from the list.


The Event Groups filter

The Refresh toolbar button allows the user to manually reload the list.


The Event Groups refresh option

Viewing the Event Group hierarchical structure

By clicking the open_EvGr.jpg button, in the Event Group card, the list of all subordinated Events Groups is opened. In this view, the user can use the filtering mechanism, the refresh option and also add new subordinated Event groups.


The list of subordinated Event Groups

Adding a new Event Group

The Event groups panel offers the possibility to add a new Event Group, by clicking the Add toolbar button. In the Add event group panel the user can organise the following settings:


The Add event group panel

  • Name - the name of the Event Group. This field is mandatory.

  • Color - the Event group corresponding color is selected from a common color picker.


    The Color picker

Editing Event Groups

By clicking on an Event Group card the Edit event group panel is opened. In this view, the user can update the Event group name and color.


The Edit Event group panel

To preserve the changes made it is necessary to select the Save button. To leave the edit mode without making any changes, the user can select the Close button.

Deleting Event Groups

The user can permanently remove an Event group, by clicking the Delete toolbar button, in the Edit event group panel.


The Delete event group panel

In the Delete event group panel the user is informed upon the impact of the deletion operation. To confirm deletion it is required to fill in the provided code and press the Delete button.