i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

i4connected interaction with i4designer


This article describes the i4connected Site selector feature that enables an smooth integration with i4designer visualizations.

This article describes the Application mappings feature that enables the possibility to boost the efficiency of i4connected panels, scoped to a specific hierarchical entity, by integrating i4designer project visualizations.

By default, i4designer Applications are stored on the app folder in i4connected_app api folder.


The i4connected_app api folder


For a step based tutorial describing the steps required to change the i4designer Applications storage location, please visit the dedicated tutorial here.

The Application mapping feature is the solution to handle otherwise hard maintenance scenarios by combining the configuration power of i4connected and the flexibility of the i4designer.

As a result, i4designer Applications will be unconditionally available for all read authorized users, accessible in various i4connected locations:

  • in a Site detailed view mode

  • in an Area detailed view mode

  • in an Organizational Unit detailed view mode

  • in a Device detailed view mode

  • in the new Site Selector panel

  • in the Site Map panel