i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

i4messenger introduction


For an easier overview upon the i4messenger addon, check out this article and read the event handling workflow.

The i4messenger is an i4connected component which handles the flow of events, by enabling delivery of notifications to defined Response Teams, considering escalation policies and priority filtering.

The Event handling workflow

The Event handling workflow is initiated as soon as an event occurrence is triggered, considering that the respective event definition has been configured for i4messenger, as described in the upcoming articles.

The workflow is designed to identify the response team that will handle the event and if all conditions are favorable, the i4messenger pipeline will send out event notifications to all the users from that response team.

If no user acts on the notification, the system can be enabled to retry sending out the notification several times and/or escalate the event.

The escalation is done by switching to the next response team and repeating the process. The system supports an unlimited chain of escalations which can be done either based on the number of retries or based on the event priority.

If any user interacts with the event, by acknowledging, taking ownership or closing it, the process is interrupted. These actions can be done by any user, with appropriate rights and permissions, that has received the notifications, independent of the response team that is currently assigned to, based on the defined escalation rules.

In case several users decide to act at the same time, the first one will win and the other ones will be informed that the event has already been processed.

Further on, there can be multiple Notification profiles sending notifications to the users of Response teams, as well as multiple Publish sets processing the same event with different conditions.