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Installing SQL Server 2016


Check out this tutorial guiding you through the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on your machine.

This article will guide you through the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be installed with several customisation, including specific features, database engine and analysis services configuration. The following solution will focus on the non-standard steps of the SQL Server 2016 installation:

  1. Run the Setup application from the SQL Server 2016 installation disc.

  2. In the SQL Server Installation Center, click on the Installation option from the left-side panel. Select New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation from the Installation page.

  3. At the Setup Support Rules page, select OK to proceed with the installation.

  4. At the Product Key page, enter the product key and select Next to proceed.

  5. Read and accept the License Terms and select Next to proceed.

  6. At the Product Updates page, make sure that the Include SQL Server product updates option is checked and proceed by clicking Next.

  7. At the Setup Support Rules, click Next to continue.

  8. At the Setup Role page, make sure that SQL Server Feature Installation is selected and click Next to proceed.

  9. In the Feature Selection window, select the following features to be installed.


    • Database Engine Services and all the sub-components;

    • Analysis Services;

    • Reporting Services;


    • SQL Server Data Tools

    Optional (recommended)

    • Management Tools - Basic and it's sub-components.

  10. At the Instance Configuration window, select the Default instance and click Next to proceed.

  11. Review the Disk Space Requirements and click Next to continue.

  12. At the Server Configuration window, click Next to continue.

  13. In the Database Engine Configuration window, select the Mixed Mode Authentication Mode. Enter the system administrator (sa) password.


    SQL Server 2016 expects a strong password: must be at least 8 characters long and it should contain characters from the four primary categories, including: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and characters.

    Note that the password will be used further in configuring the i4connected Portal.


    Add the Administrators group to the SQL Server administrators:

    • Click on the Add... button.

    • In the Select Users from Groups dialog, type Administrators in the Enter the object names to select field and click on Check Names. Click OK to confirm.


    Click Next to proceed.

  14. In the Analysis Services Configuration, add the Administrators group as administrators for Analysis Services, using the same method that was used in Database Engine Configuration. Click Next to proceed.

  15. At the Reporting Services Configuration window, make sure that Install and configure is selected from the Reporting Services Native Mode options. Click Next to proceed.

  16. At the Error Reporting window, click Next to proceed.

  17. At the Installation Configuration Rules, make sure that no errors are reported. If errors have occurred, fix them in order to proceed. Click Next to continue.

  18. Review the installation summary and click Install to start the SQL Server 2016 installation.