i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Line graph of Device registered temperature


Check out how to configure the Annual Load graph in order to check and prepare a complete analysis of your device measurements.

Having a complex hierarchical structure does not prevent you from analyzing very specific measurement data of your sttructural objects.

This tutorial describes the steps needes to parametrize the Annual load dashboard in order to measure a Device temperature:

  1. Enter is Edit tile mode by clicking the top toolbar button.

  2. Select the edit option of the Annual load tile,

  3. Expand the Parameters selector under the Edit tile panel.

  4. Under the Parameters selector area proceed with the following settings:

    1. Set the chart start Date.

    2. Click on the Select KPIs selector and chose the KPIs used by the chart to plot data.

    3. Click on the Change object filter parameters selector and chose the Site or Area of interest.

  5. Make sure to preserve the changes by clicking the Save button of the Edit tile panel.

  6. Exist the Edit tile mode.

  7. Open the Annual load panel and start your production Analysis.