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Sites management


The Sites Management functionality allows the user to add sites, edit or delete existing sites using the streamlined interface of the i4connected portal.

This article describes the Sites Management functionality from the Admin section of the i4connected portal.

The Sites Management functionality allows the user to manage the existing sites, edit them or add new sites using the streamlined interface of the i4connected portal.

Under the Admin page the user can open the Sites list, by clicking the Sites tile. The Sites panel is opened, providing an overview of the existing i4connected sites.


The Sites panel

The Sites panel allows the user to organise the following operations:

Viewing Sites

The Sites panel lists all the existing sites, in the panel's central area. By clicking on a listed site the Sites details panel is opened. In this view all the relevant Site information are displayed (Site Name, Site Type, Site Address, Site geographic coordinates and the Site weather information).


The Site details panel

In this view the following management tiles are displayed:


Management tiles of the selected Site

  • The assigned Alarms - the tile displays the number of alarms assigned to the current site. By clicking this tile, the Online Alarms panel is opened allowing the user to organise further changes.

  • The assigned Areas - the tile displays the number of areas assigned to the current site. Clicking on this tile the Areas panel is opened, which lists all the available areas for the current site and provides the options to manage them.

  • The assigned Devices - opens the Devices panel where all the assigned Devices are listed. The number of assigned Devices is directly visible in the respective tile.

  • The used Measure Aggregations - the tile displays the number of aggregations assigned to the current Site. Clicking the tile the Measure Aggregations panel is opened, where all the used aggregations are listed.

  • The defined Public Holidays - the tile displays the number of assigned items. By clicking the tile the Public Holidays panel is opened allowing the user to organise further changes.

  • The corresponding Entity Variables - displays the name, value and timestamp for each entity variable assigned to the current Site. By clicking the entity variable tile, the selected Entity Variable panel is opened.

    If no Entity Variable has the Site scope set no variables will be displayed here.

Editing Sites

The Site information can be updated by clicking the Edit toolbar button.


The Edit Site button

In the Edit Site panel the user can update the following settings:


The Edit Site panel

  • the Site Name

  • the Site Type

  • the Site subpage

  • The Site photo

  • The Site address

    • Site street

    • Site postal code

    • Site city

    • Site country

  • The Site geographic coordinates

    • Latitude

    • Longitude

Delete Sites button

The Site detailed view panel allows the user with the possibility to remove the selected Site, by clicking the Delete button.


The Delete Site button

In the Delete Site panel the user is provided with information about the impact of the deletion over the whole system. To acknowledge the consequences and proceed with the deletion, the user has to type in the designated field, the displayed confirmation code. To proceed with deletion, the user can press the Delete button, located at the bottom of the panel. Deletion is immediately visible, in the Sites panel.


The Delete Site panel

Weather Normalization button

The Edit Site panel allows the user to activate or deactivate the Weather Normalization by clicking the respective toolbar button.


The Weather Normalization button

The Weather Normalization panel allows the user to activate or to deactivate the mechanism. For more details upon this topic, please visit the Weather Normalization article.


The Weather Normalization panel

Filtering the Sites list

The Sites panel provides a filtering mechanism that helps pinpointing the searched site. The user can search for Sites by typing in a part of the full Site name.


Example of filtered Sites list

Adding Sites

The Add button from the top menu of the Sites panel provides access to the Add site panel where the user can add new Sites.


Adding a new Site

To add a new site, the user must fill in at least the mandatory details (marked with an asterisk in the Add site panel):

  • Name - the name of the site.

  • Select Customer - the customer who owns the site. When the new site is added from the Customers Management section, this step is not required as the site is directly linked to the customer that adds the site. However, when adding the Site independently, from the Sites panel, selecting the customer is a mandatory step.

  • Site type - the user can choose from a list of defined site types or can create a new one. For more details regarding the management of Site types, please visit the following article.

  • Photo - the Site photo will be displayed in thumbnails and tiles. The user can Browse for an image file or Clear the existing one.

  • Address - the physical site location given by Street, Postal Code, City and Country.

  • Geographical coordinates - the exact site location given by Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

The validation system will notify the user if the provided information is not sufficient for creating the new site.


Validation error example

The bottom section of the Add site panel provides the options of saving the new site and closing the panel. Upon saving, the new site will be automatically displayed in the Sites panel's list.

Refreshing the Sites list

The Refresh toolbar button from the top menu provides a manual way to reload/update this sites list.


The Refresh button