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The Site types


Learn about the usage of Site types and how to manage them, in context of your i4connected project, by reading this article!

The list of Site types can be accessed either from the dedicated Tile or in context of Adding / Editing an existing Site.


The Site type tile

The Site types allows the user to perform the following actions:

Viewing the list of Site types

The Site types panel lists all the existing Site types available in the system.


The Site types panel

Filtering the list of Site types

The Site types list provides the user with possibility to filter the listed items by typing in the Site type name or a part of its name.


Example of a filtered Site type list

By clicking the X button near the search field, all the contents here are removed and applied filter is removed.


The Reset filter button

Editing Site types

Will be updated as soon as bug SWC00075-4780 is fixed.

Adding new Site types

In order to create a new Site type the user can click on the Add toolbar button. The Add Site type panel allows the user to define a new name and icon for the new site type.


The Add Site type panel

The Site type icon will represent the current site type in the list view. The image can be picked up from the Select icon panel, opened when clicking the Icon field.


The Select icon panel

Refreshing the list of Site types

The Refresh toolbar button from the Site types top menu provides the user with a manual way to reload / update the list.


The Refresh button