i4connected Knowledgebase

Welcome to the i4connected Knowledge Base

This knowledge base contains information dedicated to i4connected users. The contents of the knowledge base contains the following article sections:

  • System Requirements- This section contains information about hardware and software requirements for running, viewing and developing the i4connected.

  • Change Log - In this section the users can check the latest changes and bug fixes in the i4connected.

  • Installation guides - This section serves as an installation and configuration guide, for Microsoft SQL Server and Database, as well as information for deploying the portal.

  • Configuration guides - The configuration section contains a set of articles that will guide the user through the needed steps to set up the i4connected portal.

  • Adapters configuration - To find out more details about i4connected adapters configuration, the users can check out these articles.

  • General overview - The General Overview section will provide the users with a presentation of the main views in i4connected portal, focusing on how to process and understand the complex information provided by its various tools.

  • Administrative tools - This article presents the most used and useful administrative tools.

  • Administrative structure - The articles under this section describe the structural entities that are used in i4connected projects.

  • Events management - The Events Management section is dedicated to describing the i4connected events workflows and use cases.

  • Analysis Modules - The Modules section is a collection of the most important Modules in i4connected portal, used for Reporting, Analysis, Monitoring and Alarming.

  • i4connected MobileApp - This section describes the i4connected MobileApp, guiding the user through the installation procedures and visual structure of the i4connected MobileApp.