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i4designer Project deployment


Check out this article and learn more details about the deployment options provided to you by the i4designer environment.

The projects created on the i4designer environment can be published on or off-premise servers or devices, in multiple ways. As described in the Builds management article, currently, the i4designer environment offers three deployment methods.Builds management

To open the Deployments area, the user can click on the Deployments menu in the global actions area of the i4designer.


The Deployments menu

The i4designer Deployments page is split up into two panels, as follows:

  • The Profiles panel displays the build profile settings allowing the user to organize the following actions:


    The Profiles panel

    • Add a new profile - By clicking the Add button a new profile is added to the list view.


      The Add new profile button

      At the left side the Build profile panel is opened, allowing the user to proceed with the profile settings:


      The Build profile panel

      • API URL - the URL of the webserver location, used when calling the publish target.

      • Authority - the URL of the webserver location, but ending in "/identity"

      • Description - the build profile description.

      • Name - the build profile name.

      • Project Title - the name of the project involved in the build process. This field is automatically filled in by the system.

    • Set a listed build profile as Default - by marking the Default checkbox the selected Profile is set as default.


      Set as default Profile


      Profiles enabled as Default will be applied and useable in the following areas:

      • under the Builds panel of the Builds menu

      • under the Builds panel of the Deployments menu


      The Default profile

    • Trigger a new project build - by clicking the Trigger build button a new build is started. The new triggered build is added to the Builds panel.


      The Trigger build button

    • Remove a listed Build profile - by clicking the Remove button, the user can delete a redunant Profile from the list view.

      When removing a Default profile, the next Profile in the list is automatically set as Default.


      The Remove profile button


      The Profile list cannot be empty, hence the system will restrict the Remove operation when the user tries to delete a Profile, when no others are available in the list.


      Error message - "Profile list cannot be empty"

  • The Builds panel displays the complete list of builds processed for one project. Each listed project build provides the user with the following options:


    The Builds panel

    • Download the project build for on premise use, by clicking the Download button Download.jpg

    • Deploy and publish the project via FTP, by clicking the Publish over FTP button Publish_over_FTP.jpg

    • Remove obsolete project builds, by clicking the Delete button Delete.jpg. To proceed with removal of a certain build, the user needs to confirm the deletion operation, in the panel opened at the left side of the screen.


      The Delete file confirmation panel

For more details concerning the particularities of each i4designer deployment method, please refer to the upcoming articles.