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SchedulerPro Web Application


Learn how to configure the i4SCADA SchedulerPro Web Application and how to consequently access it.

Scope of the present article is to describe the Web Application of SchedulerPro.

The WEB Application may be used with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer 11 (or higher), Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozila Firefox.

Use the http://servername/_SERVICES/SchedulerPro/Scheduler.aspx address in the web browser. Replace the “servername” with the name of the computer where SchedulerPro is installed. After the initialisation, the login window appears.


Web Application login page


The authorized users should be found in i4SCADA Studio -> Settings > User Manager > Access Groups > System access tab.

For every user who has the permission to read the configuration, the system authorisation “SchedulerPro: Guest” should be active. If the user is allowed to edit the configuration, the system authorisation “SchedulerPro: Administration” should be active.


For additional information about the User Manager, please refer to the documentation

After filling in the user credentials and selecting the desired language, press the Login button.


Fill in user credentials

The SchedulerPro Web Application is opened in browser. The user interface features all the actions available in i4SCADA Studio. 


SchedulerPro Web Application