WEBfactory 2010

Alarm Types Section

The Alarm Types section displays the list of alarm types and allows the user to create and set up new alarm types or edit the existing ones.

The alarm types help the user to group together same types of alarms and separate them from other types of alarms. For example, all the Warning alarms can be grouped under the Warning alarm type, and Error alarms can be grouped under the Error alarm type.

The user also has the option to enable or disable Automatic Alarm Acknowledgment for an alarm type.

The alarm types can be edited in the main panel or in the Type Details panel.


The Alarm Types section

The main panel displays the available alarm types in a grid form, having the following columns:

UI Option


Alarm Type

The name of the existing alarm types.

Automatic Alarm Acknowledgement

If enabled, when an alarm occurs, it is automatically acknowledged and displayed as acknowledged in the visualization.

IMPORTANT: Alarm Types Naming Convention and Translations

Using the period sign (.) in the Alarm Types name makes the name to be interpreted as a hierarchical structure. The period (.) is interpreted by Studio as separator in the hierarchical structure of the name. Taking the example names from the Demo Project, the naming convention would be represented like this:


Hierarchical interpretation of period-separated names in Studio

It is extremely important to keep the same naming structure in the Alarm Types translation texts! If the Alarm Type translation text does not contain the same amount of periods (.) as the Alarm Type symbolic text name to which it corresponds, the translated name will not be visible at run-time! The translation of Alarm Types names would be represented like this:


Keeping the same hierarchical structure in translation texts

Type Details panel

The Type Details panel is expanded by default when selecting the Alarm Types section in the Alarming tree menu. It provides quick access to the selected alarm types translations in all the languages available in WEBfactoryStudio. The user has the ability to edit the translation of the alarm group name for each language.

The user also has the option to enable or disable Automatic Alarm Acknowledgment for an alarm type.


Type Details panel

The changes will be saved upon pressing the Save button.

Tree menu actions (contextual menu)

Right-clicking on the Alarm Types item in the Alarms tree menu will open the contextual menu. The Alarm Types contextual menu provides a single option for creating new alarm types.


Alarm Types contextual menu in the tree menu

UI Option



Creates new alarm type

Main panel actions (contextual menu)

Right-clicking on an alarm type listed in the main panel will open the contextual menu, providing the user with the options to edit the column in which the contextual menu is opened, copy, add or delete alarm types, expand or collapse the Type Details panel and refresh the alarm types list.


UI Option



Edits the cell in which the contextual menu has been opened (where the user right-clicked).


Copies the selected alarm type for the desired amount of times.



Creates new alarm type.


Deletes the selected alarm type.

Type Details

Expands/collapses the Type Details panel.


Reloads the list of alarm types.