WEBfactory 2010

Browsing a BACnet device on a different network


Check out this article in order to learn how to browse a BACnet device on a different network, by following the steps described here.

If the i4SCADA machine is installed in a different network (different IP address area) than the BACnet device, the user is required to organise a set of configurations in order to enable the BACnet connector to browse those devices.


The BACnet device must support BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device). If the BACnet device doesn't support BBMD, a BBMD router is required.

The BACnet device must be configured as follows:

  • In the BACnet device configuration, activate BBMD.

  • Insert the IP address of the i4SCADA host PC that will browse the device.

Further on, organise the following settings on the i4SCADA host PC, to enable browsing a BACnet device available on a different network:

  1. Open the Cimetrics configurator using the baccfg.bat file. This file should be by default installed under one of these locations:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Cimetrics\BACstac v6.9g

    • C:\Program Files\Cimetrics\BACstac v6.9g


    The Cimetrics BACstac configurator on the hard drive

  2. In the Cimetrics BACnetac Port Table window, click the Edit... button to edit the configuration.


    Cimetrics BACnetac Port Table

  3. In the BACnet/IP Port Properties window, click on the Foreign Device tab. Switch to the Foreign Device tab and enter the IP address of the BACnet device (located on the different network) in the Remote BBMD IP Address field. Enter the UDP Port (the default port is 47808). Click OK to confirm.


    Foreign Device

  4. Click the OK button of the Cimetrics BACnetac Port Table window. A prompt will ask you to restart the BACstac protocol in order to apply the changes. Click Yes.


    BACstac installer

i4SCADA Studio will be able now to browse the remote BACnet device.