WEBfactory 2010

Filtering BACnet objects when importing a BACnet configuration in WEBfactoryStudio

WEBfactoryStudio only imports object types that have the value of "Required" as 1.

In order to import only the desired BACnet object types, the BACnetObjectTypes.xml file must be edited, and all the desired BACnet object types must have the value of Required set to 1. The objects that will have the value of Required set to 0 will not be imported.

Navigate to the WEBfactory 2010 installation folder > Studio.


The BACnetObjectTypes.xml is located in the Studio folder inside the WEBfactory installation folder

Open the BACnetObjectTypes.xml in an editor and search the string Required.


Use the Find and Replace functionality of the editor for easier replacement.


Replacing the value of Require with 1 for the desired object types

Like in the picture above, replace the value of Require with 1 for the desired object types. The object types not desired for importing should have the value of Required set to 0.

Save the XML document.

Open WEBfactoryStudio and import the BACnet configuration. You will notice that only the selected object types have been imported.


The BACnetObjectTypes.xml file will be loaded when the WEBfactoryStudio is launched. If the Studio is opened, close it and re-open it. Any change in the BACnetObjectTypes.xml file will require WEBfactoryStudio to be restarted.


Only the selected object type has been imported

The BACnet objects that have not been selected may be displayed in the navigation tree, but they are not imported. As we have selected for import only the analog-output > object-identifier, only this object type is available after the import.