WEBfactory 2010

Languages Section

The Languages section displays the available languages and allows the user to add/remove languages from Studio. It also provides the options to activate/deactivate languages and to set a default language.

IMPORTANT: After updating any symbolic text translation in WEBfactory 2010Studio, the Internet Information Services (IIS) must be restarted in order to display the updated symbolic text translations.


The Languages section

The main view displays the available items in a grid form, having the following columns:

UI Option



Language name.


Activate the language within the WEBfactory system.

English and German languages are present by default.


Set as a default language.

Tree menu actions (contextual menu)

Right-clicking on the Languages item in the Translations tree menu will open the contextual menu. The Languages contextual menu provides a single option for adding a new language.

UI Option


Add new language

Adds a new language in Studio

Main panel actions (contextual menu)

Right-clicking on a language listed in the main panel will open the contextual menu, providing the options to add or remove languages from the list.

UI Option


Add new language

Adds a new language in Studio.

Remove language

Removes the selected language from Studio.