WEBfactory 2010

Optional registry entries for WEBfactory Server

The following registry entries are now available for WEBfactory Server, at the specified location:


  1. "SO_Tracing"="1"

  2. "SO_TraceFile"="d:\\wflog2\\SOLog"

  3. "SO_TraceFileSize"="100000000"

  4. "DisableOPCItemValidation"="1

Registry entries details

  1. SO_Tracing: Softing Tracing allows to trace the OPC-Client communication to the WEBfactory Server. If SO_Tracing is set to 1 the tracing is activated

  2. SO_TraceFile: SO_TraceFile sets the location where the file is placed. The target folder must exist!

  3. SO_ TraceFileSize: SO_ TraceFileSize sets the size of the files in Bytes. Softing always holds two files of this size.

  4. DisableOPCItemValidation: If DisableOPCItemValidation set to 1, the Server doesn't check each OPC-Item if it is valid in OPC-Server. This could speed up the start-up time for systems with slow working OPC-Servers. For example, OPC-Severs that handle serial line communication will start up much faster.